Welcome to sweet sugar & spice:

Hello, my name is Lynn Monet Cannon. I’m the mother of two handsome boys, Kristian and Jon. I’m also the proud spouse to a coal miner, Josh. For experimental purposes of these posts, Josh, Kristian & Jon will be my “taste testers” as they have all happily volunteered to take on that difficult task LOL. 

My hobbies are cooking, writing, crocheting, making jams and playing games with my family. I love motorcycles, muscle cars that rumble and my Frenchie, Bentley.  

This is Bentley, the selfie taking French Bulldog you can not trust to NOT take photos of you while you’re napping!

I came up with the idea for “Sweet Sugar & Spice” as I am originally from Southern California. Currently, I live in New Mexico. I grew up a city girl, now I’m living the country life. Being that I have lived in basically two different worlds, I can appreciate certain values from both sides of the fence.

Sweet Sugar Spice

This is my mom, Cora, and I on our way to a Reba concert a few years ago.

Cooking is a passion of mine. I love that you can change a persons entire mood and day just by serving them something simple. At the same time it can be fun and memorable. On my site you will find a variety of different types of foods, meal ideas, and drinks I enjoy making for my family and friends. Places to eat, products I use and overall general discussions. Let’s not forget the most important memories in life take place with family and friends over food, drinks and good humor.

Life in New Mexico:

Although your home is only where your heart truly lies, one thing remains the same…my love for food and the wonderful memories certain meals will bring to mind and I can only hope to make the same lasting impression on my children. Like most young girls I learned to cook from my mother, we Cannon women definitely know our way around a kitchen and aren’t afraid to show it. Growing up in Southern California I had been exposed to a vast variety of cultures and flavors. My favorite however, will always remain home cooking.

Sweet Sugar Spice

At the local Bi-County Fair for Cibola County, New Mexico. This was my first time to ever see a pot-belly pig. I was so excited! Can you tell? LOL

I hope you enjoy my site. It’s free to subscribe to my blog to learn my latest and greatest meals and tips! Bring joy and lasting memories to those close to you. Try one or all of my recipes. Comment on recipes you have tried and let me know what was the occasion? Was it like anything you’ve ever served before? Who tried it? What was the response? Would you make it again? Sign up for my email list to receive the latest recipes, blog posts and to find out more! Let’s start our food journey together!


– Lynn Cannon


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